Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Tummy Tuck & Post-Operative Care

While tummy tucks yield great results, post-operative care can be hard to bear. The procedure is designed to remove excess skin and fat, while helping tighten the muscles. While you may be familiar with the benefits that come with tummy tucks, how will you recover from the procedure successfully?
The most critical period after the operation will be the first 48 hours, during which the harshest pain will occur. Take the medication that was prescribed by your doctor, and consume light snacks to help you combat nausea. Food may include hot soups and biscuits; consuming these before you drink the medicine may work as well. Anti-inflammatory medicines, such as any ibuprofen-based product, are out of the question for the next two weeks after the operation as they may cause the bruising to swell.

Your surgeon will recommend that you wear special compression garments after the operation. This is designed to reinforce back support and reduce abdominal swelling. However, take care not to adjust it too tightly to prevent constricting the blood flow in the affected area. While hot or cold compresses are known to ease the pain, such is not the case for tummy tuck recovery; applying them will reduce your ability to determine temperatures.  


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