Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Basics of Tummy Tuck Surgery

If you just can’t seem to remove excess skin around your abdomen despite following a strict daily exercise regimen, you might want to consider undergoing a tummy tuck. Also known as an abdominoplasty, tummy tuck surgery removes excess skin and tightens the muscles around the abdominal area.

This type of surgery is a great solution for people who have recently lost a large amount of weight. As the body stores fat, the skin is stretched to accommodate the increase in fat deposits. However, the skin may stay in its stretched form even if fat has been reduced. That said, tummy tucks are also a great option for women looking to shed off excess skin gained from previous pregnancies.

Tummy tuck surgery is available for both men and women in good physical health. Those interested in undergoing the procedure should speak with an experienced plastic surgeon. The procedure is not advised for people whose sole purpose for undergoing a tummy tuck is to lose weight. At the same time, women who plan to get pregnant again later on in life should also avoid the procedure.

The recovery period after a tummy tuck usually ranges between 2 to 6 weeks. During this period, follow the instructions your doctor will give you to help your body recover quickly.


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