Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Can Tummy Tucks Do More Than Make You Look Good?

Vanity can sometimes influence you to make big decisions about your body. One is to undergo abdominoplasty, or a tummy tuck, after a major weight loss episode or pregnancy. Without knowing much about this procedure, you may think that it's all about keeping your torso attractive since it involves the removal of fat and excess skin from the abdomen area.

While this is true, a tummy tuck also has health benefits you may not be aware of and weight maintenance is one of them. A study concludes that patients who have gone through the procedure tend to keep their weight off right after the surgery. This allows them to shed off more pounds and reach their weight goals. It is also believed that the removal of abdominal fat cells reduces the level of hormones responsible for appetite. This is proven by the fact that most patients who’ve undergone the procedure tend to feel less hungry and feel full right after a meal.

Moreover, abdominoplasty when combined with other surgical procedures like hysterectomies and kidney transplant is a good strategy when done safely. Removing abdomen fat and extra skin lessens the risk of infection and improves the healing process after a surgery.


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