Sunday, December 22, 2013

Potential Side Effects of Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss surgery is a reasonable and quick alternative to the more traditional and time-consuming fitness programs for people who want to lose weight. However, these surgeries may give rise to certain complications, some of which can only be fixed by a so-called after weight loss surgical procedure, or cosmetic surgery designed to remove excess weight or skin.

These two are quite common among people who opted for a quick weight loss program or treatment because their skin was stretched throughout their obesity. The speedy nature of the weight loss procedure they had, especially if it is a bariatric surgery, didn’t allow the skin to revert back to normal. Depending on where the excess skin is located, a person may have to undergo a hip, thigh, arm, lower or upper body lift; any of which can be time-consuming by themselves.

Other side-effects, like gallstones and pulmonary embolism, are beyond the powers of an after weight loss procedure though. Some people may have trouble absorbing vitamins and minerals due to the changes in their metabolism. There are some cases of people developing pneumonia after a bariatric surgery, due to the added stress placed on their chest cavity. Those who encounter these things yet still want to remove excess fat or skin would need to speak with a physician before getting a body lift.


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