Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Things You Need to Know About Abdominoplasty

Cosmetic surgeries are quite popular throughout the world, but few among these are as renowned as an abdominoplasty, or a “tummy tuck”. Abdominoplasty is the removal of excess fat and skin in the abdomen. This description may cause some people to confuse a tummy tuck with a liposuction, as both seem to have a similar purpose. On the contrary, liposuction only removes fat cells and are sometimes employed in conjunction with weight-loss programs. Tummy tucks, meanwhile, aren’t recommended for people on a diet.

They are, however, recommended for those who were previously obese or pregnant, and may have sagging abdominal skin and excess fat deposits as a result of their substantial weight or size loss. Tummy tuck candidates can choose from at least two variations of the procedure: complete or partial. A partial tummy tuck involves only a small part of the abdomen, typically an area below the belly button. A complete abdominoplasty is more extensive as it spans the abdominal area from hipbone to hipbone (belly button included).

A tummy tuck procedure can take anywhere from an hour to one day, depending on the patient’s condition. Once the procedure is done, patients are discouraged from smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages, or engaging in strenuous activities, since these can be detrimental to the healing process. Loose-fitting clothes should also be worn to minimize skin contact with the abdomen.


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