Friday, November 15, 2013

Tummy Tuck 101: The Risks and Complications

Knowing about the ins and outs of a tummy tuck before you finally decide to go through such major surgery is extremely crucial. This type of surgery can be very beneficial, but it also come with risks and complications. So the more that you understand the potential complications associated with a tummy tuck surgery, the easier it gets to analyze whether the benefits are worth taking a risk for.
The most common risks are:
  • Bleeding, Fluid collections
  • Slow wound healing, numbness
  • Sitting stitches, asymmetry
  • Skin discoloration, fat/skin necrosis
The major complications, which could be fatal yet rare, are infection, pneumonia, loss of the umbilicus, DVT or blood clots in the legs, Pulmonary Emboli or blood clot in the lungs, and death.
Basically, the qualifications of the patient and how well the procedures are executed determine the success of the operation. The likelihood of risks to transpire is generally minimal, even rare, in a healthy and absolutely qualified patient. Thus, learning about the factors such as smoking that contribute to the manifestation of risks and their possible remedies are imperative.
The best thing that you can do to avoid or reduce any of the risks linked to tummy tucks is to find a truly proficient cosmetic surgeon. Ideally, your surgeon should be able to properly inform you about the necessary preparations, step by step procedure, means to a faster recovery, overall cost, and whether you are qualified enough to undergo the surgery based on your personal circumstances.