Wednesday, November 20, 2013

What to Know Before Choosing a Plastic Surgeon

Undergoing cosmetic or plastic surgery is a serious matter as there are health risks involved. If you consider going under the knife, do not forget the importance of choosing the right doctor. Here are a few guidelines to follow when searching for your potential plastic surgeon:
  • Make sure the surgeon is board-certified. Not all claiming to be plastic surgeons are actually qualified and trained in the practice. As you are the patient, you should have a lot of impetus for you check on the qualifications of your would-be surgeon. It should also be a good idea to see if the doctor has had any legal issues in the past regarding his professional practice.
  • Ask if the doctor has hospital privileges. Plastic surgery can only be performed in accredited hospitals and office-based facilities. If your surgery will be performed outside of the hospital, make sure that your doctor has privileges to do the same procedure in an accredited hospital.
  • Prepare for cost. Plastic surgery is not usually covered by insurance, so chances are you’ll be paying for the entire amount of the procedure. Fees vary depending on the technique, length, and complexity of the operation. Keep in mind also that you will be needing post-op medications.
  • Ask questions. Plastic surgery is a major operation and that’s why you have to be fully aware of every detail there is to know about it. Don't be afraid to ask questions. That's what initial consultations are for, anyway.


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